Fast Fashion Season 4: Episode 5, Founders & Designers Of HERO/BLACK, Angela Brantley & Rhea Fernandez

For this episode of FFP, we sat down with the dynamic duo Angela Brantley and Rhea Fernandez, the founders and creators of the luxury streetwear brand, HERO/BLACK, inspired by architectural cuts, and masculine and feminine silhouettes. They revealed how the universe first brought them together through the shared love of modeling and a very similar sense of style.We learned the origin behind the name of the brand. Hint: Someone they both love is a Hero and black is both of their favorite color. (Duh).

The designers wanted to conceptualize HERO/BLACK and create a network for strong, creative, fashion-forward women. Although “Chicago will always be home” for the duo, they have future plans to expand the brand into a variety of cities, a favorite being New York. “Why not?” We got to hear about the “experiment” brand, Idle. Wild, that the duo worked on before creating what is today, HERO/BLACK. They have come so far in as little as 2 years, from, first, designing t-shirts and clutches, to, now, a full collection. The girls talked about how exhausting it is to keep up with the rapid change in social media and brands, and how to stay calm in the midst of all the chaos. With their success, we think they’re handling the madness just fine!

“When we’re thinking about our consumer, we’re kinda thinking about ourselves. Because everything that we create, it’s because we wanted to wear it, it’s something we wish existed.” To keep up with the girls and their up-coming designs, follow HERO/BLACK on Instagram, and check out their site to snag some statement pieces for yourself!

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